Y is for…


yacht ad thing frameGentlemen! 

Do you sometimes Find It Necessary to have a Private Chat

in Pleasant Surroundings

With Someone Who May Or May Not

Be Going Home Again?

Do you find it Difficult to find a Venue for your Business Meetings?

Are you getting tired of Disposing of Witnesses?

Have you considered…

The Sea?

“The Sea is very, very large, and vast stretches of it are entirely empty”

-Snydely’s Science For The Small


We at Yaxley’s Yachts understand that Gentlemen such as You

Have Special Needs.  We stand ready to serve you

At any time of the Day or Night.  We’ll rent you a Yacht by the hour or the day,

or you can select a Yacht for purchase!  And if you don’t know how to sail a Yacht,

we’ll provide you with Captain and Crew, at reasonable rates-



So, whether you’re planning a little private business chat with a deadly rival, or seeking the increased freedom and security of International Waters, or are just badly in need of Getting Away From It All,

Yaxley’s Yachts Is Here To Serve YOU!

Yaxley’s Yachts

Service.  Seamanship.  Discretion.

Since 1865

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  1. Yes, total comfort. I can see that. Love your ads!

  2. Melanie Atherton Allen

    Hey Lori! Thanks! I love making them! I am having ad-withdrawal!

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