X is for…

X Marks The Spot Where The Body Was Found

strand 61 house of lords with blandred and scrollstrand 2 mooring gold black redFishing Gold Black RedCricket Gold X red and blackSpire x goldthis one yesQueen Red Black etc

strand 51 eccentric lighting xs etcThe Moral

Notes: No case in over a week.  Nothing of real interest since the case of The Bilious Barking Bouncing Baby Bassinet (I shudder to remember the details of that case, and yet I would trade my current peace for another like it, with all accompanying Horrors, in an instant).  Sherlock Holmes has his cocaine; I fear that I cannot quite think it nice to take to that habit myself.  So I’ve taken to Scrap-booking in Earnest instead, and to writing bad doggerel.  Sigh…

But hark!  A knock at the door.  Gosh!  Could it be a new case, just in time to save me from Dementia?

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  1. Great post! The one on top of the clock tower/steeple cracked me up.

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