Z is for…


Z is for Zeppelin: A Poem

Eleven Little Pleasure-Seekers On a Zeppelin

One Got Vertigo, and Then There Were Ten


Ten People Up Where The Air Is Fine;

One Went Mad, and then There Were Nine.


Nine Old Friends in the Hands of Fate;

An Old Quarrel Erupted, and Then There Were Eight.


 Eight Of Them Now, Up in the Heavens,

One got Religion, and then there were Seven.


Seven Jolly Fellows Up To Old Tricks

An Old Gag Felled one, and Then THere Were Six.


Six Congenial Companions, Nervous But Alive,

One Succumbed to The Vapours, and Then There Were Five.


Five Sweating Aviators, Waiting for more,

And then More happened, and then there were Four.


Four Watchful Fellows Sat Down for Tea

One was Poisoned and Then There Were Three


Three Accusing Persons Point, say “It was You!”

One of them was right, and then There Were Two


Two Persons Left, One To Chase and one To Run,

And Shortly thereafter, There was only one.


One Man Remains in the Zeppelin, Only one,

And You can guess how it ends now, so,

   Goodnight!   This poem’s Done!

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  1. Very creative! Congratulations on making it to the end of the challenge! I enjoyed your posts!

    • Melanie Atherton Allen

      Lori- thanks so much! I am glad that you visited so often! Stop by again, whenever you like! My door is always open, through the Magic of The Internet! I will be coming by your place shortly to catch up on your favorite characters!

  2. lol, well done you, I’ve enjoyed stopping by and catching your posts.

  3. Melanie Atherton Allen

    Bridgina- thanks! I will be stopping by your blog to catch up soon! Stop by any time!

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