Reflections on my 2021 Horror Movie #AtoZChallenge

Wow. That… was a lot of movies. I just counted, and I did in fact crack 200. There are 206 in total. And that isn’t counting the movies I forgot about until it was too late. So… yeah, we watched a lot of horror movies during the pandemic (so far), I think you’ll agree.



The question on your mind and on mine is, of course, which movies win their particular day. If that makes sense. I have a kitten hanging off of me as I type, and this is to some extent interfering with the clarity of my expression. I’m just going to move on, on the assumption that I have made myself sufficiently clear, or that, if I haven’t done so yet, the context will shortly explain itself.

Who knows how much time I have before the next furry assault upon my keyboard?


By the way, I am not providing IMDb links to the individual movies mentioned here, as that would be too much like work. However, I will link to the posts, and so if you want to read more about a particular movie, just click on the letter!


The Abominable Dr. Phibes is the clear winner of this post. Alien was also very good, but Dr. Phibes makes me smile to think about. That is the main criterion here: which titles make me smile when I look at them. The smile is, by the way, probably pretty creepy-looking. Have you ever thought how awkward it is going to be to make facial expressions again, once we stop wearing masks? I know my mouth does some very odd things, in the darkness behind my PPE. Anyway, The Abominable Dr. Phibes wins “A.”


Several winners here. Also several that just didn’t make it, but I am not dwelling on their sad fates at the moment. The winners of “B” are Bleeders, Blood and Black Lace, and Blood Diner.


Again, lots of excellent movies on this list. However, after deep thought, the judges (actually just me, though the kittens may be psychically guiding me) have selected, out of the 21 movies in this entry, three favorites. The Church, The Convent, and Creepshow are the winners here.


Deep Red wins, hands down. I feel compelled to mention, however, that The Devil’s Wedding Night is possessed of much odd charm, and that Dr. Pyckle and Mr. Pryde is one of the best things ever, in the short silent movie line.


Eating Raoul wins here. I think it may have been the only one I actually liked out of the five movies I discussed in my “E” post.


Faceless. Definitely Faceless.


Ginger Snaps wins by a mile. Grabbers is pretty good, too.


Happy Death Day and Hollywood Chainsaw Hookers are the ones that stand out to me here. Of course, Halloween is very good, too.


I’ll go with In The Mouth of Madness here.


Jason X. I liked Jason X. But let me also point out that there are only two movies in the “J” post, so it isn’t like it was up against stiff competition.


Both movies reviewed in my “K” post are more or less equally okay. No clear winner.


Lair of the White Worm wriggles out all other competition, though I must give Lady Frankenstein a quick nod of recognition.


M is the winner here. If it is a horror movie, which I am not sure about. So, The Mansion of Madness might win on a technicality.


A tie that I refuse to try to break. Night of the Creeps and Night of the Demons are two of my favorite horror-comedies ever. Like my two lovely new kittens, I shall not choose between them.


Old Dark House, definitely. 😉


Pitch Black and The Prophecy are the winners here.


I did not like Queens of Evil, and that is the only movie I reviewed in this post. “There were no winners that day.”


Raw Force… wins? Yep, looks like Raw Force has it.


24 movies in this post. I’ve tried to eliminate as many of them as I could from my Winner’s Circle, but I still have three. They are Shaun of the Dead, Spider Baby, and Suspiria (the 1977 version). Honorary mentions go to Satanico Pandemonium and The Strange Vice of Mrs. Wardh.


The Thing takes the gold medal here, though Trick ‘r Treat is a close challenger.


Uninvited. The monster is a cat. My kittens approve.


Um. I think I’ll go with Vampire Circus.


The Werewolf Versus the Vampire Woman… wins? Yes. It appears to win this day.


Xtro, for sure.


Only two movies to choose between, and somehow that makes it more difficult. I’m going to go with Your Vice Is A Locked Room and Only I Have The Key, mostly because Edwige Fenech is in it.


Zombeavers!!!!! Not only because it is the only movie I talked about in my “Z” post, but also because I kind of loved it.


So that is it for my 2021 A to Z! As always after an A to Z, I am full of resolve! I will blog for the rest of the year! Of course I will! I’m not just going to vanish until next April. That would be weird. Of course, it is also exactly what has ended up happening in former years, but I am better, stronger, faster, etc., now. Surely, this time I will continue to blog.

Surely, this time will be different.

So yes. My intention is to blog on. We’ll see how that goes. All suggestions about topics you’d like me to babble about will be received with interest.

For now, a final kitten picture!

Morgan being like, no, pet ME!

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  1. I do like a number of your “best picks.” Some of the others I have to find and watch. Zombeavers is too damn inviting to not watch it.

    My overall favorite that is straight Horror Scary is 1963’s The Haunting. I’ve mentioned why I like it/am creeped out by it before.

    One unsettling movie that I think you’ve mentioned before is Carnival of Souls is another one that stays with me.

    Both films are creepy, both in Black & White, and both are psychologically scary (to me)

    Please don’t disappear. The kitties wouldn’t like that.
    and yes, they are cuties. Enjoy them…
    as they enjoy you.

    • Hello Stuart! Hope you have seen (and enjoyed) Zombeavers. Or, on the other hand, if you wouldn’t have enjoyed Zombeavers, I hope you haven’t seen it. I… think… that makes sense? Anyway, I’m going with it.

      I don’t think I’ve seen Carnival of Souls, but I could be wrong. This whole year has been a blur of horror movies, and I’ve definitely forgotten about some of them.

      Not disappearing is an excellent goal, but without an A to Z topic, I find that I have kind of no idea what to talk about, most of the time. Still, I may come up with something! All suggestions, as I said before, received with interest. What would you be most excited to see, in a post of mine?

  2. HEY! I wish to contact you in order to invite you to participate in an on-line group author reading Thing with which I have become inextricably involved. If you are interested you can either email me (anne at nydamprints dot com) OR go to this web site and fill out the interest form for authors linked therein. It would be fun to have you.

    Also, cute kittens!

    • Hello Anne! This is a very flattering invitation, and I am genuinely pleased to be asked. But I am just about the worst participator I have ever met, so I don’t think this really sounds like a good match for me. 🙂 Thanks again for asking, though! It made me happy to be invited!
      They are cute kittens, aren’t they? Of course, the latest news is that they are cute kittens with ringworm, but we’re coping with that.

  3. Your A-Z posts were pretty awesome! I’m usually the “go to guy” on horror in my neck of the woods but I learned about a few – no, several – new movies from your blog. I have some homework ahead of me. Zombeavers sounds like an absolute blast…lol.

    I’ve heard rumors that there was supposed to be a third Dr. Phibes movie. The plot was supposed to be something along the lines that his wife does get resurrected but it turns out that she is way more evil than him and he has to return her to the grave by the end. I haven’t done any digging or not to see if it was even in the works or just being planned but it makes for a cool rumor.

    • Thanks Charlie! My knowledge of horror movies is odd, unscientific, and probably very incomplete. One movie would lead us to another, which would lead us to several more. Sort of tunneling into the horror genre, in a way. Lots of territory that we still know nothing about. Which is, of course, exciting.

      Oh wow, a third Dr. Phibes! Let me be candid: I have never seen the second Phibes movie, because the first was so good, and seemed to end so very definitely, that I worried that the second would be a disappointment. But that sounds like a fascinating premise, for a third film. Neat rumor! Thanks for passing it on!

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