Available Now! Occult Detective Magazine #8!

Hello! Just a short post this time, to tell you that Occult Detective Magazine #8 is now available for purchase. In this magazine you will find, among other wonderful stories and articles, my third Simon Wake story, entitled “The Voice on the Moor.” For those of you who don’t know, Simon Wake is my Edwardian occult investigator. He is, for reasons I shan’t get into here, bound to disappear every night at midnight (a serious inconvenience for anyone, but especially for an occult investigator). This time, Wake and his friends Anderson and Pendleton get into some decidedly strange trouble while investigating several mysterious deaths by drowning. 

I should mention here that one thing I never thought about until I was actually published was the fact that some of my stories might receive illustrations. Being illustrated is always a thrill–it is really wonderful to see what a part of my story looks like from the perspective of a talented visual artist–but this time I am especially thrilled. Because the illustration for my story is not only stunningly beautiful, but also perfectly captures the mood I was trying for. I looked at the illustration and felt that I was, in essence, looking at my story. Thank you so much, Andy Paciorek!

The magazine is available on Amazon. Click here to go to the (US) Amazon page. It is also available as a Kindle eBook.


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  1. Congrats I am very happy to see you continue with Simon Wake.

  2. I just read The Voice on the Moor and was completely absorbed by the story. It is a wonderful read!

    At one point during my reading, I found myself frightened at what could be waiting for unsuspecting victims at the moor. The setting is realistic as there is great attention to detail. The characters are wonderfully fleshed out. The accuracy of word choice and language used is precise and tailored to Simon Wake’s World. This is an amazing read, and I am very much looking forward to hearing more about Simon Wake!

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