The Coming of the Objulak – Part One

I have found (and by “found,” I mean “laboriously constructed”) a fascinating, disturbing document.  It is a tragic tale, really, though, of course, if one is feeling callous, one might merely laugh.  “What have this young man’s troubles to do with me?” I hear you saying in your unfeeling way.  What, indeed?  And yet– well, perhaps after you read the whole of this document (which I will release over the course of several posts), you will see that the troubles of this young man may one day engulf and devour us all.

But enough!  Away with introductions!  ON TO THE HORROR.  You may view the horror in Artificial Artifact form, and/or read the text of the document.  You’ll find the text below the image. 



Mon. 15

Garden Party: Hargreaves

flatter Lady Brevis

(graceful compliment dress?)

mention concerns re apparitions to Rev. Dr. Grivesby;

if receptive, cautious broaching of topic EXORCISM

A) in Anglican Church?

B) on the cheap?


bloodstain appeared again (duration 1 hour)


Tues. 16

Determine name of curate (ask Lady B.?)

Visit curate

Exorcisms: can curates do them? If so, for how much?

If not, why not?

Kitchenmaid hysterical; won’t say why

Phantom footsteps pursued me all through east wing today


Wed. 17

Write note to Lady B., thanking her for sympathy re: hidebound clergy

make special mention of remark that “…such skepticism… ill accords with their Calling and Cloth”


Seek introduction Bishop T.


Something kept whispering into my ear last night.  A rapid whisper, and I never could hear quite what it said.




rents- £60

home farm- £6.14s.8d.

annuity- £100

articles, stories, misc.- 16s.3d.

TOTAL: £167.10s.11d.


Expenditure: £200 at absolute minimum









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  1. Intriguing . . . I do admire your work. The detail, diligence, and humor always create an original and worthwhile piece of story art.

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