The Coming of the Objulak – Part Two

I have found (and by “found,” I mean “laboriously constructed”) a fascinating, disturbing document.  It is a tragic tale, really, though, of course, if one is feeling callous, one might merely laugh.  “What have this young man’s troubles to do with me?” I hear you saying in your unfeeling way.  What, indeed?  And yet– well, perhaps after you read the whole of this document (which I will release over the course of several posts), you will see that the troubles of this young man may one day engulf and devour us all.

But enough!  Away with introductions!  ON TO THE HORROR.  You may view the horror in Artificial Artifact form, and/or read the text of the document.  You’ll find the text below the image. I would recommend having a squint at the Artificial Artifact first, and then using the text below it to read any bits that are unreadable in the original document. 

Oh!  And this is Page 2 of (probably) 9.  Page 1 is in an earlier post.  This one, in fact. If you haven’t read Page 1 yet, you might want to do that first.




Thurs. 18

Write Bishop T.

            Be Circumspect. Don’t mention the supernatural. Just express interest in bishops generally, along with a desire to give this particular one lunch.


Mist surrounds the house. Clear elsewhere. Simpson speaks of drains and rising damp. He does not believe it.


Fri. 19

Lunch Bishop T.

– have Simpson bring ’84 port up from cellars. Ignore all protests, both about entering cellars under current conditions and about drinking port prematurely.

– would bishop’s exorcism come pretty high? Price-wise?


Sat. 20

Tea with Lady B.

-“do you know any arch-bishops or anything?”

-compliment the garden (esp. roses)

            -if red, compare to lips

                        -if not, not


I keep catching glimpses of other places. Gone as soon as perceived.


Sun. 21

Convert to Catholicism


Something touched me on the arm; I felt it.

Echoing screams.



Sir Edwin Brevis, 59, after an illness. Industrialist, philanthropist, investor, statesman. As he liked to remind his many friends, he came from nothing; now, he returns to nothing, having earned millions of pounds in the interim.

            Sir Edwin is survived by his wife, Lady Annabelle Brevis.




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  1. -“do you know any arch-bishops or anything?” A man with a plan — so subtle and discreet. *snort*

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