Writer’s Block: Things That Work For Me

Writer’s Block.  It happens.  And it is beastly.  So, as a Public Service, I am compiling a list of solutions that I have found effective; this is the beginning of that process.  I will add to this post as I think of, discover, or hear about new techniques; for now, I will document the one that I am using now (or, rather, I was using it a moment ago, and I’m going to go back to using it when I am done telling the Internet about it).  If you have tips of your own, please comment and tell me all about them!

Ahem.  Here is my first suggestion:

-Hit a wall, plot-wise?  Go back and edit what you’ve written.  This is a better use of your time than sitting at your desk and agonizing, and doing the sort of minute read-through that one does while editing may well suggest some plot possibilities that you hadn’t thought of before.

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