Hugo Makewar: The Psychiatrizing

Male Head Profile (Burschenschafter)

Dangerous Person/Valued Employee
Hugo Makewar:
A Transcript of his Legally-Required Psychiatrizing Session

To The Editor: Display Prominently!  Make Sticky!  It is Your Duty As A Citizen and Your Obligation As An Employee Of Atherton’s Magic Vapour, LLC (co. 2190) to COMPLY!

Let Not the Pleas of Hugo Makewar cause you to Weaken!

Ed. Note: Not a problem.  He actually seems to like the idea.

AthMagVap Legal Team:  That is like the opposite of the point.

Ed. Note:  Thought it wasn’t a punishment?

AthMagVap Legal Team:  In future, for “It is not a punishment,” please read, “It is a punishment.”

Ed. Note:  Bung-Ho!

AthMagVap Legal Team:  We go on record as being slightly weirded out by that last remark.  We suspect sexual proposition of unknown type.  Category Error.  Sizzle.

Ed. Note:  Aw, yeah, baby!

AthMagVap: gnehrk.

Without Further Ado…

Ed. Note: We have run out of space.  We’ll have to run this some other time, eh, AthMagVap Legal Team?

AthMagVap Legal Team:  Error.  Name is unknown.  No name.  ha ha gnfals


…will Ed. Note and AthMagVap ever find true happiness… together?

…will this column Appear, in compliance with The Law?

…what will happen to Ed. Note and AthMagVap if it does not?

…what will happen to the World as We Know It if it does?

…will Hugo Makewar ever be Psychiatrized? 

…is that a word?

Tune In Some Other Time!

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