Q is for…


Womans Sphere MurderMadam, You are in a Pickle and No Mistake!

Small Quigley Ad

Small Quigley Ad the second Apothecary

Most of us DO NOT EXPECT to

commit MURDER.

But Sometimes The Unexpected Happens

And we find ourselves with A Corpse

on our hands.  At these times…

You Can Count On Quigley’s Quicklime!!!!

Quigley’s Quicklime:

Dissolving Inconvenient Corpses since 1801

WithandwithoutQuigleys purple progress

Notes:  I have, for Purposes of Detection, experimented with Quicklime, to find its Exact and Specific Effect on the Recently Deceased.  It looks like business at first, but it ultimately is a better Preserver of Dead Flesh than a Destroyer Thereof.  This Advert is therefore a Scam, and I would feel Compelled to Take Action about this, except that the Scam is being worked upon Murderers.

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  1. LOL. Nice one. I like it.

    Stopping by from the #atozchallenge !

  2. Gruesomely funny! I like the disclaimer.

  3. I love your Q post! Going to have a poke about some other of your A to Z’s!

    Curling Stones for Lego People

  4. Yikes. I think I must put this flyer down right away. And back away slowly…

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