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No Maze Must Poison With Flower BorderNo Maze is Gallows No ShadowsRepine

Langley’s Labyrinths

Are Available

For Hire!

Gentlemen, you may think it Unlikely that you will be called upon to Assassinate one of England’s Political Enemies.  You may even describe such a practice as Barbarous.  But One Must Look To The Future!  Who can say what it holds?  Do you want your Descendents to Suffer for Lack of this Simple Household Necessity?  A Maze is a Great Convenience Indeed when it comes to Disposal of Unnecessary Visitors.

Reflect, Sirs!  “Come, Your Foreign Royal Highness,” One can say, with Suave Cosmopolitan Tact, “Let me show you the maze!”  No-One has ever Not Wanted To Tour The Maze.  It is a Scientific Fact.  You Lead Your Foreign Potentate into the green Shades of your Labyrinth- And- Well, We at Langley’s Labyrinths Are Confident that you can figure out the rest!

And!  This Technique is not Restricted in its Efficacy to Foreign Nobles!  Literally Anyone can be lured into the cool depths of A Langley Labyrinth.

They are Irresistible!

Planting a Maze is Planting The Future.

Put Your Ancestral Acres In Our Hands- Today!

Maze Styles Langley

 Notes:  There certainly are an uncommon lot of murders done in mazes; I sometimes wonder if a Maze isn’t rather a dangerous Temptation in itself…

Note: The mazes here are all from this excellent work: https://archive.org/details/mobot31753000819141

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  1. Melanie Atherton Allen

    Pictures of mazes came from this public domain work- and it is a gem! Check it out! https://archive.org/details/mobot31753000819141
    The title is a mouthful, but the book is by Batty Langley

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