C is for…

Country House

villa of Leopold

For Sale: Rambling Country Estate in isolated district.  The trains are convenient, and reliable, except on Dark And Stormy Nights, when they tend to inexplicably break down.

Cellars dry and slightly haunted.  Good, slightly haunted drains.  Dungeon is in bad repair and extremely and disturbingly haunted.  But take heart, potential purchaser!

 It is being bricked up as we speak. 


Muster 43e Vierarmiger Stern gestreckt - Bordüre

What the Experts Have To Say About The Bricking-Up-Ghosts Method, Even Now Being Applied At Boilingbile Hall:


“Bricking up ghosts is an Idea Whose Time Has Come!” -Sir Cecil Downwind, of the Royal Society.

“Bricking up ghosts…modern innovation!”  -J.K. Bangs

“There is absolutely nothing that could go wrong with this plan.  Ghosts in the walls is exactly what you want.”  -Expert, speaking on condition of Anonymity


Bricking Up Ghosts = SCIENCE!

Muster 43e Vierarmiger Stern gestreckt - Bordüre

Gentlemen, this property is Going Cheap!  Lord Boilingbile has been advised by his Physician that his health won’t stand the strain of another harsh winter.  Also, after the recent rash of grisly murders that occurred at a House Party at Boilingbile Hall (The tabloids referred to these events as the Boilingbile Butcherings; The Times called them Unfortunate Fatalities in a Rural Idyll), the place has, for Lord Boilingbile, Painful Associations.

All Serious Offers Considered!  Direct all Inquiries to Gaul & Wormwood, Purveyors of Fine Property since 1801


Notes:  What are they bricking up besides ghosts?  And could Lord Boilingbile be selling the ancestral home because he is in immediate need of money?  Is he, perchance, being BLACKMAILED??  That letter that arrived on the first morning of my stay at Boilingbile… the one with a mark of a cross at the lower right corner of the envelope… upset the old fellow rather badly…

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  1. Bummer that the fancy fonts crashed. However, they were a little hard to read for me personally. One your last two posts, I coped the text into Note Pad, which changes the font to Arial or something, and read your prose there. LOL

    Interesting article today, again, as always. 🙂 I too wonder if they’re not bricking up more than ghosts.

    Looking forward to your “D” article tomorrow!

    JC Gatlin

    • Melanie Atherton Allen

      Thanks for the feedback about the font thing! I was wondering about legibility… when I get the fonts fixed, I will be more mindful.

  2. Ghosts in the walls is exactly what I want! Science has done it again!

    Can’t wait for D. 🙂

  3. Lol, I love it. Putting an offer on this house would go against my list of things not to do, such as, going camping in woods you know people have been killed, or my favorite creepy houses with red doors or dark haunted basements. The list came from many years of yelling at the TV “What are you crazy don’t go in there”

    • Melanie Atherton Allen

      I know. I have shouting-at-screen issues, too. Oddly, though, the thing that triggers the most shouting is the dumb rom-com; I frequently get disgusted by the poorly-manufactured lovers’ quarrels in those, and I shout “Real people wouldn’t do that!” a lot. This is why I do not watch many movies.

  4. What a lovely estate! Wonderfully creepy! I’d love to read a story set there.

  5. Ooh is he being blackmailed??

  6. Fantastically creepy story, my, my…wait till they figure out that they can’t brick up ghosts…well done…again. 🙂

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