April A To Z 2016 Theme Preview

bookplateandTOCApril2016lasirI am a bibliophile.  I really should not be allowed to go to used bookshops: I come away with bags of books, some of which I never intend to read.  I buy them just to take them home and gloat over them in solitude.  This makes the library at Atherton Court (the pretentious name of our unpretentious suburban dwelling) rather overstuffed.

What makes me a bibliophile, and not primarily a reader, is that whole buying-books-I’ll-never-read thing.  I cannot resist a book with a lovely frontispiece or a curious list of illustrations.  I find that I can frequently resist the text that seems to accompany these artifacts.

I do, of course, read books- when I can’t listen to them instead.   But what I really love about books are the things in them other than the text.

Therefore, for my April A To Z Blogging Challenge this year, I will be making and posting single pages of fictitious books.  Most of these pages will be front matter or end matter (dedication pages, tables of contents, indices, and so on).  This will be similar in some ways to my A To Z of two years ago (click here to view the first of those posts, A is for Arsenic), but it won’t actually be the same.




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  1. I was just wondering whether you were going to do the challenge this year. So happy you are! And this sounds like an awesome theme!

    It’s tomorrow, eh 😉

    • Melanie Atherton Allen

      Sigh… it is, indeed! This year, I am determined both to do a good job AND not to permit the project to eat up all my time- we shall see how far these two goals are compatible.

  2. I wish you could visit my home with a few boxes and take away the books I don’t need anymore. But those are probably the ones my husband will never read but won’t let me give away. I have the problem of being a retired bookseller with two houses and a warehouse full of books I had to stop selling for health reasons plus our shelves of personal library we will die before we have time to finish reading. I do hope you post your first challenge post soon.

    • Melanie Atherton Allen

      Barbara- I have several fine boxes suitable for putting books in. If you live near Philadelphia, PA, USA- well, I’d be seriously tempted. Especially if they are old, beautiful books.
      As to posting my first challenge, I have discarded five different approaches to my topic, and am now crafting approach #6, which will have to do.

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