The Ill-Assorted Gathering #AtoZChallenge 2019: Mystery Tropes

Hello, and welcome to my 2019 A to Z Challenge! This year, I am giving you my personal list of  Golden Age Mystery Tropes. Particularly clue-tropes, and also those tropes that an experienced mystery reader finds herself using to solve the mystery without reference to the actual clues. And here we go!


The Ill-Assorted Gathering, Or, Why Has He Brought Us Here?

Sir Gawdawful smiled malevolently (it wouldn’t have been his smile otherwise) at his guests. “I do hope we shall have a happy family Christmas,” he said.

There was silence in the great room. The Forthrights scowled at the Gastlies, who glared right back, neither branch of the family able to forget the dispute over grandmother’s tea service.

Hope Beresford refused to meet the eye of young Steven Forthright, who had jilted her in favour of her former best friend, Molly Cambers, now drooping on Steven’s arm in the character of Mrs. Steven Forthright. Hope had sworn, when she’d received the wedding invitation, that she would never speak to either of them again, and so far she’d stuck to that.

In a corner, the widow Barnaby silently blamed everyone present for the death twenty years before of her husband. In another corner, Fred Barnaby, son of the widow Barnaby, wondered for the thousandth time if his mother had really pushed his old man over that cliff, or if, perhaps… but it was unthinkable. It could not, surely, have been twinkle-eyed old Mr. Wentworth, now occupying a third corner and smiling gently at all that went on around him.

In that third corner, twinkle-eyed Mr. Wentworth was inwardly shaking with hidden terror. Why had he been invited to this family party? Did Sir Gawdawful know Mr. Wentworth’s terrible secret? Who had been that silent figure Mr. Wentworth had glimpsed among the trees all those years ago, when he’d… but he would not remember that. Better not admit it, even to oneself.

Prowling outside, not invited to the party (though he was a member of the family, in blood if not in name), Eddie, the gardener, and Sir Gawdawful’s illegitimate son, watched from the darkness, hating the warmth and light of the gathering within. “Happy Christmas indeed,” he muttered. “I’ll give ’em happy.” And he picked up a fair-sized rock and weighed it thoughtfully in his hand.

In the kitchen, the cook, Mrs. Trimble, prepared the spicy curry Sir Gawdawful had requested for that night’s dinner, muttering maledictions as she did so.

In the bright drawing room, Molly Forthright looked about her in dawning terror. “Why, Steven? Oh, why has he brought us here?”


Why indeed? Several possibilities spring to mind. One possibility that does not suggest itself is that Sir Gawdawful merely wants to have a happy family Christmas. But here are some more likely reasons for this ill-assorted gathering:

  • Sir Gawdawful may have changed his will. Or, rather, he may be about to change it. Say at midnight. If this is the case, the family solicitor may be present at the party. Then again, Sir Gawdawful may have already done that part, and he can just use two handy servants as witnesses. Anyway, if this is the case, most of the people at this party will be disinherited… unless the awful old man dies before midnight, of course.
  • Sir Gawdawful may wish to kill one of his guests. Say, the rightful heir to the Gawdawful property, for some complicated reason that Sir Gawdawful and only Sir Gawdawful knows about. Or maybe he just really dislikes one of his relations (more than he dislikes the rest of them). Anyway, since his relations are all quarreling with one another, there will be lots of suspects available when one of ’em gets a knife in the back.
  • Sir Gawdawful may wish to blackmail one or more of his guests. Mr. Wentworth, for example.
  • Sir Gawdawful may wish to reveal someone’s terrible secret. Again, in the example above, Mr. Wentworth is a good bet for this role.
  • Sir Gawdawful may want to solve a past crime. Sorry Mr. Wentworth, but I’m afraid you’re for it in this example also. Unless, of course, Sir Gawdawful dies before he can carry out his scheme…

Mixing and matching is encouraged here. For example, Mr. Wentworth may believe that Sir Gawdawful means to expose him, whereas really Sir Gawdawful has designs upon the life of Steven Forthright. This will make everything nice and convoluted when the murder finally happens.


Can you think of other reasons for the Ill-Assorted Gathering? Have you met this trope in something you’ve read? Do you want to write your own Ill-Assorted Gathering scene (it really is fun, making up a dangerously quarrelsome family)? Do you just want to say hello? Leave a comment!

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The Occult Detective Quarterly website

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  1. I think Mrs. Trimble, with her muttering of curses (maledictions) over the meal, will kill them all except two: Eddie, who finally threw the rock, startling an already panicked Molly, who dropped her fork before it got close to her mouth. Everyone else was at least two forkfuls in.

    The food was tested for poison, but since a dark magic spell was used, there was no trace.

    Can Eddie and Molly come together to solve the murders?
    Will Mrs. Trimble vanish into the mists, never to be seen again?
    Why, oh why, did Mrs. Trimble, or her doppelganger, weave such a deadly meal?
    And, where is Odds Bodkins, the town drunk?

    • Yes! Just… yes! I love this! Especially the team-up between Eddie and Molly, and the mystery surrounding Mrs. Trimble. And the town drunk thing. In fact, the whole thing.

      • Mel, I JUST read your announcement. Mazel Tov and all of that!! YAY! I will have to click on the above links to read more wonder from your “pen.”

        You are making me blush with the compliments. Really, I can say the same about you. Love your writing.

        For the story, It just struck me why the cook would mutter curses. Went from there.

        Oh, and Sue asked, and I will deliver, my blog address from here on out.

        • Which I stupidly forgot. Sigh.

          Tale Spinning

          If anyone is interested in what I’m writing for the 2019 AtoZ, PLEASE start on April 1st post. Please. It’s a serialized story. Will probably be Novella length in total by the end of Z.

        • Yes, I love the way stories happen sort of organically like that. “The cook is muttering curses… hm…” And what was originally just a bit of description magically gives you the key to the story. That is totally how I write, more or less all the time. Is that usual with you, too?
          Thanks so much for the congrats and the clicking!
          Also, your writing is great!

          • Hey Melanie:
            yes, that happens all the time with me. I write as I go with only some basic thoughts. Where is goes is the story coming alive for me. Then I will write something that either I or someone else will point out, go “Aha!, get up and do the Chicken Dance, and try to sound like “Yes, I planned that all along!”

            Again, thank you for all of your compliments.

  2. But – but – it’s ALWAYS a changed will, witnessed by servants! And yes, the poisoned curry will get him as he eats it happily after making his announcement. Nobody else has the appetite to eat, after learning that they won’t be getting anything after all the grovelling they have done.

    Or else it will be an announcement that he is ABOUT to change his will, leaving everything to his cat…

    I like Stuart’s idea, though.

    Congratulations on your sale!

  3. Congratulations! I will hurry across the aether to Occult Detective Quarterly as soon as I finish pointing out that there needs to be a secretary (who is really Fred’s twin who disappeared on the night of their father’s murder and was presumed to have died also), a doctor (whose wife was the mother of Eddie, and who died in childbirth, though possibly of shame), and a maiden aunt (who was engaged to Mr Wentworth before he left her at the altar with a twinkle-eyed smile for her maid of honor).
    Black and White: I is for Isnashi

  4. What fun! And the exchanges between Stu & yourself are adding hugely to the fun too 🙂

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