Map #AtoZChallenge 2023 Who Killed Sir ABC?

I really like it when mystery novels start with maps, so I thought I’d start this mystery off with one, too.

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  1. I love having maps to reference. This puts everything in perspective and its proper place. I like knowing Leonard probably walks to work, but I am particularly fond of Fred’s Wormy Orchard, lol.

    • I really love maps, and I find myself sort of living inside maps I’ve actually made. I mean, I have spent a surprisingly long time looking at this map, imagining the story happening on it. A really helpful creative tool, for me. From your comments, it sounds like you like doing that, too!

      • I do! I have loved maps since I was old enough to read them. Yours is far more detailed than my own have been, but I agree they are a great creative tool for bringing your inner worlds to life.

        • I think part of the reason for the detail here is that I am very excited for spring to come, and so I put in a lot of gardens. I’m wondering if I should give some sort of map key for the different types of flowers and trees and things, but on the whole I think that is probably unnecessary. I know what the various blobs mean, and when it is significant, that will come up in the text.

  2. Looking to following along

  3. Good gracious, how did I miss the map up until now?! This is magnificent and will put everything in its place.

  4. Maps make the mystery. Well, not really, but they are delightful. And yours is wonderful. Fred’s Wormy Orchard – you bet I want to know what’s happening there.

    • I love mysteries with maps in them.
      Thanks! I’m glad you like it. 🙂
      I really, really enjoy making maps for my stories. And it is great to have an excuse to make it all fancy. Usually, my maps are just big penciled scribbles on poster board.

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