Sleeper Agents


Do you feel more at home in some part of The Past than you do in the digital bustle of the Present Day? Is it increasingly difficult to step back through that Door, to leave the squalor of The Past behind for the sterile halls of The Lighthouse?

If so, APPLY NOW for our Sleeper Agent Training Course!

Not every Agent who applies will qualify, but EVERY APPLICANT SERIOUSLY CONSIDERED. You are more likely to qualify if you:

Look the part” (or can be modified to do so); this means from head to toes, and naked as well as clothed. No flashy Embeds, even in places normally concealed by clothing!

Have no Conditions or Diseases requiring daily medication. Good Health is not a requirement, and if you are the lucky possessor of a Hacking Cough or a Twitch, the Assessment Committee will consider that to weigh in your favour

Have no Era-Inappropriate or Social-Class-Inappropriate Tattoos (or would be willing to get rid of any you have)

Have had wide experience in your chosen era; this means you ought to be able to show a total of 100 hours or more spent in the relevant era


Requirements for Sleeper Agents:

YOU MUST take all Lingo and Language courses appropriate for your era, career, and social class

YOU MUST undergo Temporary Sterilization

YOU MUST undergo the rigorous Career Placement exam and all subsequent training (mental and physical)

YOU MUST demonstrate that you are willing to eat actual meat (for many Eras; this can be waived for Early Digital and later Eras), and that you can do so without visible disgust or being sick

YOU MUST be up to date on all relevant vaccines

YOU MUST be willing to exchange your Agent Update Package for a Package constructed especially for you and the challenges of your new life. These may include some initially unpalatable files; no-one really likes having the Prejudice file (which will help you spot the people you ought to dislike, and will cause a low, irritating buzzing noise to sound in your iDicta while these persons are present), the Sexism file, or the Superstitions Mega-Pack. However, unless you can explain to the committee’s satisfaction why you feel that your Resident Persona ought to be free of Prejudices, Sexism, or Superstitions, those Packages must go in.

YOU MUST pass a barrage of Psych Profile tests, to make sure you aren’t going to go mad with the essential loneliness of the job, or seek too much the company of Residents. Not that you need remain Totally Aloof, mind; but you do need to always remember to whom you owe your essential loyalties (hint: that would be us. The Lighthouse. Forget that at your peril). Also, you have to be Detached enough to let the Residents around you die of conditions you know exactly how to treat. No telling Surgeons to wash their hands. No little suggestions about reducing the rat population in Plague-ridden towns. None of that.


The Exciting Career of Sleeper Agent awaits!


As a Sleeper Agent, you will leave the 34th century behind you, and live most of the rest of your life in the colourful Era of your choice. You will be required to Report back monthly, through a permanent Door which will be installed on your premises (the back of the disused broom cupboard is a popular placement option). You will be required to put your head through your Door once daily to receive Updates (mostly information about what Agents are in your area at the moment).

Other than these points of contact with The Lighthouse, you will be, for all intents and purposes, a Resident. Until an Agent needs your help, that is.

What sort of help might you be called upon to give? The answer is: it could be anything. Or that is the Unhelpful-But-True Answer, anyway. The More-Helpful-But-Less-True Answer is the following list of possible things:

-Provide an Introduction

-Provide a Reference

-Be a source of Local Information, gossip, etc.

-Be a source of Emergency Funds (you will probably be earning money at a job of some sort, but of course you’ll need that for yourself; however, we will work out low-Ripple investments for you to make, and other ways for you to build up your available funds without noticeably messing up History As We Know It, so you ought to have a decent supply)

-Provide a Door for a stranded Agent whose own Door has, for some reason, closed

-Provide a Hiding Place for an Agent in trouble (we recommend just shoving him into the broom cupboard; shove him far enough in, and suddenly he’s our problem, not yours)

Report back to The Lighthouse if an Agent is doing his job badly, or if you suspect that an Agent has gone Rogue.

-Take a younger Sleeper Agent in as an Apprentice


Start a New, Exciting Career!

Apply to be a Sleeper Agent TODAY!

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  1. Sounds good. Sign me up.

  2. Oh how did I know Stu would sign up? 😉 Apart from the loneliness, it does have its temptations – especially when you consider all the other less attractive options in the Lighthouse.

    A-Zing this year at:
    Normally found at:

    • Think of trying to be a Victorian Vegetarian. I mean, it may have been possible… but my impression is that Victorians mostly ate like dubious meat pies and kippers and things. And, having made that remark, I now wait, breathlessly anticipating the arrival of some Expert on the Victorian diet, who will tell me that this is not true.

  3. I think this is the pleasantest posistion I’ve seen so far. Pity one has to be an agent first…

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