P is for Penelope and Professor

Welcome to Stranded!, my Strand Magazine-based April A to Z Blogging Challenge!  In this challenge, I will be taking illustrations from The Strand Magazine and making new stories out of them.  So, in order to fully appreciate the Stirring Events eventuating here, a look back at my older A TO Z entries is advisable.  I promise you, they are short.  Click Here to start with my Theme Reveal, or Click Here to start with A!  It is also totally acceptable to just look at today’s post.

Today, I have a Further Installment of Alfie’s story for you, and also a One-Shot.  First, Alfie!

And now for the One-Shot!

 The first picture is from The Strand Magazine, No. 26; the second is from No. 25.

While working on my A To Z this year, I think back, sometimes, to my A to Zs of years past.  This is partially because my past A to Zs were, quite frankly, better than this year’s crop.  They also took from 6-18 hours of work a day, though, whereas this year I seem to average about 2 hours per day.  Anyway, I bring this up in order to introduce the subject (which is, of course, of vital importance to us all) of Possession, Poltergeists, & the Servant Problem, my “P” entry for 2016.

And that, I think, is about it for tonight, folks!  Please note the list of A To Z Fictioneers in my sidebar (or, if you are on a Mobile Device or a Tablet, it may be somewhere under the Comments Section).  This list, of we few, we happy few, who are Doing Fiction for our A To Zs this year, will help you find more fiction to read.  Also!  If you yourself are Fictioneering for your A to Z this year, Comment and tell me so, and I will put you on the list! 

Oh yes, and please do leave a comment in any case.  Even if it is just “Hey, I exist, and I liked your thing.” 

Until tomorrow, then!






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  1. I would not worry if you think one year is better than another. Sometimes we have time to write more and sometimes not. Or we just cannot put the effort in. I love posts where I can see something different, like yours and they are quick to read.

  2. A potato in a bonnet, that eases my mind. I was also asking, what IS that? This does not bode well for Alfie though if he can be confused with a potato.
    Discarded Darlings – Jean Davis, Speculative Fiction Writer, A to Z: Editing Fiction

  3. Goodness. Those are two creepy pics.
    And poor Alfie! Tell me there’s still hoep for him.

    The Old Shelter – 1940s Film Noir

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