N is for Nooo and Neighbors

Welcome to Stranded!, my 2017 April A to Z Blogging Challenge!  In this challenge, I will be taking illustrations from The Strand Magazine and making new stories out of them.  So, in order to fully appreciate the Stirring Events eventuating here, a look back at my older A TO Z entries is advisable.  I promise you, they are short.  Click Here to start with my Theme Reveal, or Click Here to start with A!  It is also totally acceptable to just look at today’s post.

First, we continue with Annabelle’s narrative!

 Perfectly safe, eh?  Well, perhaps! 

And now– Alfie!  This one is a Slice of Life.  A beautiful scene, really, showing how Alfie (the fine new Squire) condescends to call on the simple villagers in the nearby simple village.  Ready for a little Bucolic Contentment, after the Sturm Und Drang of Annabelle’s narrative?  Not, we rather think, that Annabelle’s narrative is Sturm Und Drang-ish in a technical sense, but we like the term, and we therefore use it.  Anyway, yes.  Bucolic Contentment.

Hmm… now I think about it, perhaps this isn’t as redolent of Simple Village Life as I at first imagined.  In fact, it seems as if Dark Currents might run under this outwardly mundane scene. 

The first image is from The Strand Magazine, No. 102; the second image is from No. 53.

And that’s all for today, folks!  Thanks for visiting; stay as long as you like!  There is a LOT of content on this blaugh, and (in my totally-not-humble opinion) most of it is Very Good.  May I particularly recommend my older A To Zs?  If you click on the header, it will whisk you away to my homepage, and there, you ought to find links to my Thrilling A To Zs of Aprils Past.  One of them  (Alas! My 2015 A To Z) is a Complete Edwardian Mystery Novella, with costumes!  As in, every day that April, I dressed up as a different character in my story, and included a picture of myself in the Daily Disguise with each post.  I donned False Whiskers and much Theatrical Make-Up to achieve these effects, and I have been told that some of them are really very good.

And please note the list of A To Z Fictioneers in my sidebar (or, if you are on a Mobile Device or a Tablet, it may be somewhere under the Comments Section).  This list, of we few, we happy few, who are Doing Fiction for our A To Zs this year, will help you find more fiction to read.  Also!  If you yourself are Fictioneering for your A to Z this year, Comment and tell me so, and I will put you on the list! 

Oh yes, and please do leave a comment in any case.  Even if it is just “Hey, I exist, and I liked your thing.” 

Until tomorrow, then!






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  1. Well, I dare say both your illustrations are deceptive.
    Those two ladies seem to have some gruesome intent, in spite of their words. I don’t knwo why I think so, but I do.

    And what abotu Alfie? I think all the talk about his mustache is a coded message.

    The Old Shelter – 1940s Film Noir

  2. I do not trust those ladies. Any sort of Auxiliary League or Dog Fanciers’ association looking for mysteries to solve are generally up to no good. To combine the two are a terrifying amalgamation, with the possibility of only the darkest deeds in their hearts.

    O – The October Crisis

    • Thank you!!! Your comment made me realize I’d spelled “Auxiliary” incorrectly in my original upload (I use Art Text 3 to make these, and there is no spellcheck in that program– or none that I know how to use– so spelling errors will sometimes happen). I have uploaded a corrected image now.
      I also agree that AUXILIARY Leagues are generally Up To No Good when they go about trying to solve mysteries.

  3. I’m getting worried about Alfie….

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