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Dear (Non-WordPress) Subscribers,

 We at Atherton’s Magic Vapour are very sorry, but we have somehow messed up our Subscription list. We actually know exactly what we did, but we do not wish to be tedious, and the subject bores us intensely. We suspect it would be even more tedious for you. Therefore, we will not explain further, but will merely ask you to be very kind and Re-Subscribe, using the link below. If you do not do this thing, you will no longer get e-mails from us. 

Of course, if you’ve wanted to unsubscribe all along, but did not wish to hurt our feelings, then this is the opportunity you’ve been waiting for. Merely do not re-subscribe.

We (and by “we,” what I mean is, “I”) apologize profusely for all of this trouble we are putting you to.

To Re-Subscribe:

Or! Type your name and e-mail into the Subscription box in the sidebar. If there is no sidebar, check under the Comments section.

Thank you!


Melanie Atherton Allen

P.S. If you subscribed through WordPress, you may ignore this message. You will continue to receive notices.

P.P.S. After re-subscribing, it may take a week or two for you to begin to receive notices again.

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