A Snow Woman

From The Strand Magazine, Vol. III, 1892

From The Strand Magazine, Vol. III, 1892

I See Your Igloo, And Raise You This Thing

I was looking through some issues of The Strand Magazine (you can, too, if you go to www.archive.org and ask the search-dragon nicely.  You can read Sherlock Holmes as the Victorians did, with illustrations, and in The Strand Magazine.  You could even space out your reading of Sherlock Holmes stories, and pretend that you have to wait for the next one to come out, just like the Victorians did.  And you can write angry letters to Conan Doyle and/or dress in mourning when Sherlock Holmes has his little tumble over the falls, just like they did!  Fun!), and I found this thing.  It is neat, and I thought I’d show it to you.

I challenge YOU, the reader, to think of The Most Hilarious Caption for this picture.

Do it.

Caption that picture.


Ohhh yeah.

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