A Noble Goal

Oh, What A Noble Goal Is Here O’erthrown!

My new life-goal:
Go to sleep before the sun rises.

Here is how I approach this simple task:

1)  I go to weather.com to see when sunrise is (because numbers!)

2)  I note that I have about an hour to get this s**t DONE

3)  I get completely distracted by one of weather.com’s weird ideas about presenting… news? Something?, a picture of Mt. Rushmore with the caption “Which State Is The Fattest?”  I contemplate this in silent bafflement.

4)  I decide that the Rushmore/Fat thing can be considered later, if at all

5)  I dribble past the goalie (you can do that, right? I have no idea)

6)  I notice that time has, unexpectedly, continued to move as I write this and that I now have less time in which to get on this sleeping thing

7)  I decide that ending this list is the First Step towards sleep

8)  I shoot; I score!

…I am still not asleep, but my Morale is High.


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  1. A grisly clown

  2. Oh Sir! You are my HERO! Thank you for answering my piteous and increasingly feeble cries for aid and succor! Someone HAS COMMENTED!!! BLISS!!!
    …Actually, this is a total set-up. Alec is my boyfriend and I kind of made him do a test-post to see how this drawing-comment plugin worked out.

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