Floor Plans of Atherton Manor

A Kind Of Teaser

Visitors to this blog may or may not be aware that I also have a website, The Athertonian. 

The distinction between The Athertonian and Atherton’s Magic Vapour is slightly vague in my mind, and it is about to get even more difficult to tell the two apart.  This will, I think, be fun.  In fact, some of the denizens of Atherton’s Magic Vapour are shortly going to invade my primary project on The Athertonian, Murder At Atherton Manor.  I will say no more on this subject for the moment, save that I imagine that Lady Ermyntrude, Gentlewoman Detective, may shortly receive a letter from an old friend, urgently requesting her presence at the ancestral home of the Athertons.  For, you see, they will shortly discover The First Body (I will let you in on a secret: there will be at least one more body before the case is solved).

To intrigue you yet further, here are the floor plans of the principle floors of Atherton Manor.

First Floor of Atherton Manor

First Floor

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  1. Love the floor plans — just like Clue, one of my favorite board games!

  2. Melanie Atherton Allen

    Lori- You are my commenting hero! Clue is exactly the sort of effect I was going for! Yay!

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