The Heart-Warming Story of Cuthbert, The Christmas Ghoul

This story has been painfully re-constructed from my Facebook posts (cutting and pasting counts as pain, right?) for your Reading Pleasure.

1) First Mention of Cuthbert:

December 20th, 2013

As Christmas approaches, Alec talks of taking down our one remaining Halloween decoration, a floating ghost thing with tattered black rags that wave menacingly in the wind, and somehow escaped the general Halloween decorations purge on Nov. 1 (or thereabouts). I disagree. I have re-Christened it Cuthbert The Christmas Ghoul, or Cuthbert, Ghost of Christmas Now (it was already named Cuthbert).
I believe in Cuthbert. He gives me Christmas Cheer.

2)  Cuthbert Status Update:

December 22nd, 2013

Cuthbert, the Christmas Ghoul, still spreading Holiday Cheer at our house.  Keep your chin up, Cuthbert!Cuthbert the Christmas Ghoul

3)  The New Year’s Greeting

January 1, 2014

Happy New Year from self, Alec, Anubis, and Cuthbert. Also? Goodnight!

Note the way in which Cuthbert has become part of the family circle.  Alec is my boyfriend; Anubis is our cat.  I will probably be showing you pictures of my cat at some point, as I understand it is traditional to have cat pictures up on one’s blog.

4)  Cuthbert TRIUMPHANT

March 16th, 2014

Some of you may remember Cuthbert, The Christmas Ghoul. He was a Halloween decoration with a stick-to-it attitude, a determination Not To Give Up, and An Inspiration To Us All. He was also a Halloween decoration that Alec and I forgot to take down, and only noticed again at around Christmas. Alec was all for taking it down, but I was opposed to this position. I felt that, having made it this far, Cuthbert had earned his place on our garage. I won that one, and Cuthbert the Christmas Ghoul stayed up.
Recently, Alec has made a few sarcastic references to “Cuthbert, the Lenten Ghoul,” and said that, no really, as soon as the ice melted and a ladder could be placed on our driveway, Cuthbert had to come down.
I pretended to accept this. But somehow I believed in Cuthbert.
He has not disappointed me.
Alec came in yesterday and told me that Cuthbert had blown away in the wind.
“YES!” I screamed. “Cuthbert escaped! He got away! Fly free, Cuthbert! Fly!”
I think there may even have been tears in my eyes.

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