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The Documents In The Case Of Gamehen, Thumbscrew, and the Bishop’s Secretary

These telegrams form an important part of my solution of this troublesome case.  I present them in order.

The first telegram:

Telegram One ALL FIXED

The Bishop’s Reply:

Telegram Two

The next two telegrams, both from Pimsley, arrived in rapid succession:

Telegram Three

Telegram Four

The Bishop rapidly fired out these telegrams:

Telegram Five

Telegram Six

Telegram Seven

The Professor Replied after about an hour:

Telegram Eight

The next telegram for the poor Bishop came from The Law:

Telegram Nine or ten

The Bishop replied:

Telegram Ten

And sent out a plea to yours truly before he caught his train:

Telegram Eleven

Notes:  I do not know yet who the murderer is, but I know how to find him.  I must disguise myself as an Undergraduate (I AM glad my dressmaker made me that gent’s walking outfit; also, those awful whiskers will finally be of Some Use, and of course the gowns they all wear should conceal many of my feminine curves) and find out who among the professors is known as Thumbscrews in Student Circles.


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  1. I love stories told through letters, so yours told through telegrams is really fun. Having trouble with your font between the telegrams, though. Or should I say stop?
    Blogging from Alpha to Zulu in April

  2. Melanie Atherton Allen

    Hey Jemima! I have switched all but the final note to a clearer font- I used the font that I always use for Lady E’s end-notes throughout originally, for verisimilitude, but I’d rather be clear- and this thing is difficult enough to read already, with all the stops and things… so, I’m deciding that Lady E can type. Only the final notes shall be in her handwriting henceforth. Thanks for your feedback! This is the kind of thing I really appreciate being told!

  3. Poor Pims. The exchange was funny, though. I hope they figure out who Thumbscrew is.

  4. Melanie Atherton Allen

    Hey Lori! Me too- he seems Sinister.

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