Remnant of a Recondite Record

AN Atherton’s Artificial Artifact

Part II of ???

My dear Robert,

Just a short note this time, to explain the enclosure.  This chapbook is the only record of Ezabell Walker I can find in my library.  It was quite by chance that I found it at all, for it was between the pages of an ancient bible, property perhaps of my distant predecessor, the Vicar of Ditchford Frary in Ezabell Walker’s time.  I send it to you in hope that someone at Oxbridge can make something out of it, for it is, beyond the frontispiece, so badly damaged that I cannot make it out.  Will you show it to someone knowledgeable about old texts and how to restore them? 

Believe me, very sincerely yours,

        The Rev. Cecil R. Rantipole

Ezabell Walker Chapbook FrontispieceEzabell Walker Chapbook Page OneChapbook page TwoOxbridge Telegram Re Chapbook

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