Journal of a Sea-Journey

An Atherton’s Artificial Artifact!

This is Part One of either Two or Three- it depends on what exactly ends up happening next (I only know in general terms at the moment).

A Warning:  We (and by “we,” what I mean is, “I”) at Atherton’s Magic Vapour are land-lubbers.  We know nothing of the sea.  We have nevertheless decided to write a Sea-Story, full of Adventure and Other Things.  We have done all the research into going to sea in approximately the Age of Sail that we could do and still do this entry in a day.  If you absolutely can’t stand Naval Inaccuracy, perhaps you could visit us again when we are again firmly back on land?  If you CAN stand this type of inaccuracy, and happen to spot one, point it out in the Comments section.  We are Humble, and Eager to Learn.

Also, as it is Darn Late already, I think I shall put up the pages of the Journal of the Rev. John Jarvis as I write them, so check back here before you read tomorrow’s entry (which will almost certainly be called something like The Kraken) to see if there’s anything new.

Journal of a Sea-Journey

Being the Journal of the Rev. John Jarvis, Ship’s Chaplain

Day 1 Journal 2016Journal 2016 page 2Day 5 Journal 2016Journal Day 8 2016Day 11 Journal 2016Day 9 Page 2 Journal 2016

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  1. Hi Melanie! This is intriguing! Looking forward to the rest of the story. I need to find time to read your earlier A to Zs. They’re always interesting.

  2. Hey, I like this.
    I don’t know anything about seafaring life, but I like a good story 🙂

    The Old Shelter – Jazz Age Jazz

  3. You do spin a good yarn, and always in an authentic voice.

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