Another Slight Delay in my A To Z

Midnight.  The witching hour.  And W is for Witch.  Specifically, Mrs. Goodkind, Cadblister Parva’s very own resident witch.

But midnight is also rapidly approaching.

And, frankly, the post I have prepared isn’t nearly good enough.  I have a better idea now, and will post it anon.  For now, here is a picture of me got up as Mrs. Goodkind, which I present with my sincere apologies.


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  1. Exuse me, but now that’s plain evil. I’m clinging to my laptop waiting to discover whoddunit and what you do? Leave me clinging still.

    • Melanie Atherton Allen

      Jazzfeathers- I am typing at this very moment! 🙂 Um… but you won’t get the full explanation of who done it until X, which is tomorrow/today…
      By the way, one of your recent comments was mostly, though not entirely, correct. I will say no more for now, for fear of spoiling things.

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