A Slight Delay in my A To Z

K is for Kitchen Maid is coming, dear readers!

However, it is coming a little late, as I haven’t finished writing it yet.  For now, pray accept this picture of me, dressed up in the character of Kate the kitchen maid – and my sincere apologies.

The Kitchen MaidSincerely,

Melanie Atherton Allen

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  1. I’m eagerly waiting 🙂

  2. Melanie Atherton Allen

    Jazzfeathers – Even now, I am typing like mad! If you are bored, I recommend this excellent searchable database of Bedfordshire Gaol records, 1801-1879. I have wasted many, many hours looking through bits of it. http://apps.bedfordshire.gov.uk/grd/search.aspx P.S. Note the “Details” button next to many of the entries. This will take you to what records they have of the prisoner and crime. Fun! Fun? I think it is fun.

  3. Hi Melanie

    It gets hard keeping up some days doesn’t it, I’m behind on my blog hopping at the moment but that will teach me not to get involved in 2 blogging events, organising a holiday and working full time at the day job at the same time 😉

    Look forward to reading it when it’s done 🙂

    Mars xx
    Curling Stones for Lego People

  4. Melanie Atherton Allen

    Ouch! Poor you! It does sound like you have a lot going on… where are you going on holiday?

  5. I accept the picture. I kinda want to see all of these in a family photo album at the end of the challenge. 😉

  6. Melanie Atherton Allen

    Alex- great idea! Will do!

  7. Great photo! I love all the disguises.

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