P is for… Postponement?

Hi! Just a note to say that P is coming…but not today! My schedule has gotten a little busier lately (nothing bad, just stuff!), and I’m falling a bit behind on my A to Z posts.

So, expect P tomorrow! And I’ll either get Q up tomorrow, too, or I’ll use Sunday as a catch-up day.

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  1. Waiting eagerly for the next instalment 😉

  2. The suspense is killing me! So… mission accomplished?

    • Ha! No, I wouldn’t do that! But Miss Polly’s post was something I only had the sketchiest of notes for when I was planning ahead (which I actually did this year! I usually don’t; this year, I actually started planning in like February), and then things cropped up unexpectedly in my schedule.

  3. I totally understand, but that doesn’t mean I’m not disappointed!

    • I hope you’ll be pleased with Polly! I worked in a part of your suggestion from last year: the notion of Sir Adam inviting Polly to visit him was especially helpful (though she doesn’t poison him with a poison pen during the visit).

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