Dramatis Personae

The Crabtrees of Cadblister Hall:

Lord Cadblister – George Crabtree.  The Earl of Cadblister- and the murdered man.

Lady Cadblister– Veronica Francis Bloater Crabtree.  The Countess of Cadblister.  Wife of Lord Cadblister; mother of The Viscount and Lady Belinda.  She is featured in the post The Lady.

The Viscount – Gerald Crabtree.  The new Lord Cadblister, but no-one quite likes calling him that yet; Viscount Diddums.  He is featured in the post The Heir.

Lady Belinda– Belinda Crabtree.  Daughter of Lord and Lady Cadblister; sister of The Viscount.

The Honourable Percival Neville Bloater- The Hon. Percy.  Nephew of Lady Cadblister.  A Bad Egg.  He is featured in the post The Nephew.

Aunt Theodolinda- Not actually a Crabtree relation, but the Crabtrees do not know this.  She has been in a coma ever since she was featured in the post The Aunt.

Richard Crabtree– older brother of Lord Cadblister.  Was lost at sea while attempting to flee country to escape a murder charge.

The Servants at Cadblister Hall:

Sneakfork- The Butler.

Mrs. Doombane- The Housekeeper.

Mrs. Withers – The Cook.

John-  First Footman.

James- Second Footman.

Kate- The Kitchen Maid.  Featured in the posts The Kitchen Maid and Murder Investigations.

Fannie- The Scullery Maid.

Harry– The Chauffeur.  Featured in the post The Quarreling Couple.

Alfie- The Boots.  The only servant at the Hall who comes from Cadblister Parva.

Grip- The Head Gardener.

 The Village Of Cadblister Parva:

Colonel Crabbit- Retired military gentleman; Chief Constable; said to be in love with Lady Cadblister.  A widow.

Miss Marge Bantree- a hearty spinster; aunt of Violet Teasdale.

The Rev. Augustus Meadows– The Vicar; a widow; father of Miss Verity Meadows.

Miss Verity Meadows- daughter of Vicar; a suffragette.  Featured in the post The English Rose.

Doctor Nicholas Brandwood- the doctor of Cadblister Parva; featured in the post The Doctor.  A Widow.

Mrs. Grace Merriweather- a widow.  Featured (sort of) in the post The Gossip.

Bess- A Barmaid at The Yeoman’s Arms.  Walking out with Alfie, the Boots at the Hall.

Harriet- A Barmaid at The Yeoman’s Arms.  Walking out with Harry, chauffeur at the Hall.

Miss Madeline “Mad” Grudge- Lord Cadblister’s mistress.  Featured in the post The Other Woman.

Randall Grudge- Lord Cadblister’s bastard son.  Featured in the post The Bastard.

Mrs. Gertie Valentine- postmistress.  Wife of Frank, Blacksmith and Farrier.  Featured in the post The Postmistress.

Frank Valentine- Blacksmith and Farrier.  Husband of postmistress Gertie Valentine.

Mrs. Widget- an old, gossipy lady.

Constable Wilkins– Constable of Cadblister Parva.  Featured in the post The Constable.

Mrs. Goodkind- a witch.

Visitors to Cadblister Parva:

Inspector Crowner- an inspector from Scotland Yard.  Featured in the post The Inspector.

Sergeant Earnest Mug– a sergeant from Scotland Yard.

Miss Violet Teasdale– a Journalist.  Niece of Marge Bantree.  Featured in the post The Journalist.

Mr. Herman T. Ermyntrude– an American visitor to Cadblister Parva.  Claims to be a distant Crabtree connection.  Featured in The Foreigner.

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