by Cormorant Garamond, Prof. of Comparatively Modern History

After a lot of Interdepartmental Dispute, and a certain amount of Skullduggery, the History Department has somehow managed to stick me with the thankless task of preparing a Timeline for you Agent people to senselessly gape at. I’ve skimped a bit, and I’ve only covered the millennia and change since the year 2000, but… such as it is… here it is.

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  1. Crikey! AI sounds downright – um – dangerous.

    A-Zing this year at:
    Normally found at:

    • Yes, it does, doesn’t it? And I mean. In lots of ways, it seems like a terrible idea, to advance AI to the point of like actual self-determination and sentience and all that. It also seems like a totally awesome idea. A terrible, awesome idea.

  2. Nice graphic! I look forward to hearing more about some of these eras.

    • Thanks! I love making weird graphics for Atherton’s Magic Vapour. I so rarely get the chance to make graphics other than the ones I make for this site (although I am all over the occasional Event Poster or Party Invitation… but one so rarely gets to do those. Throw More Parties, you suggest? Hm…)

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