W is for When, Worry Not, and Where

Welcome to Stranded!, my Strand Magazine-based April A to Z Blogging Challenge!  In this challenge, I will be taking illustrations from The Strand Magazine and making new stories out of them.  So, in order to fully appreciate the Stirring Events eventuating here, a look back at my older A TO Z entries is advisable.  I promise you, they are short.  Click Here to start with my Theme Reveal, or Click Here to start with A!  It is also totally acceptable to just look at today’s post.

First, we continue with Annabelle’s narrative!

 And now for Alfie!

The first image is from The Strand Magazine, No. 3; the second is from No. 18; the third is from No. 100.

And that’s all for today, folks!  Thanks for visiting; stay as long as you like!  There is a LOT of content on this blaugh, and (in my totally-not-humble opinion) most of it is Very Good.  May I particularly recommend my older A To Zs?  If you click on the header, it will whisk you away to my homepage, and there, you ought to find links to my Thrilling A To Zs of Aprils Past.  One of them  (Alas! My 2015 A To Z) is a Complete Edwardian Mystery Novella, with costumes!  As in, every day that April, I dressed up as a different character in my story, and included a picture of myself in the Daily Disguise with each post.  I donned False Whiskers and much Theatrical Make-Up to achieve these effects, and I have been told that some of them are really very good.
And please note the list of A To Z Fictioneers in my sidebar (or, if you are on a Mobile Device or a Tablet, it may be somewhere under the Comments Section).  This list, of we few, we happy few, who are Doing Fiction for our A To Zs this year, will help you find more fiction to read.  Also!  If you yourself are Fictioneering for your A to Z this year, Comment and tell me so, and I will put you on the list! 

Oh yes, and please do leave a comment in any case.  Even if it is just “Hey, I exist, and I liked your thing.” 

Until tomorrow, then!




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  1. LOL! I don’t believe it. Alfie’s soul is inside a potato? LOL!

    Hey, wait! So you are telling me that the dog-ladies are the good guys?
    I didn’t see that coming.

    The Old Shelter – 1940s Film Noir

    • Hello Sara! Yes, when I came up with the potato idea, I laughed aloud. 🙂
      The dog-ladies are the good guys, if sending an army of small dogs to bite your enemies to death is acceptable behavior for good guys. I am not really sure about the morality of this, but, to be fair, they are trying to stop an apocalypse, and perhaps a certain moral flexibility is permissible in such a situation.

  2. Not dog ghosts! Nooooo!

    Glad to see the potato god featured in another day. I do wonder if it’s still wearing the bonnet.
    Discarded Darlings – Jean Davis, Speculative Fiction Writer, A to Z: Editing Fiction

  3. this thing with Annabelle and Cambrick seem rather sudden, guess I miss a post or two because I don’t recall them meeting before.

    hurray for the BDFLAL ladies, I do like having people showing up and saving the world.

    poor Alfie, he can’t get a break.

    have a lovely day.

    • Hurray indeed! I’m into people saving the world, too.
      Annabelle and Cambrick have met before– several times, if Annabelle’s diary is to be believed– but the only hint of a possible romance between the two is in the way Annabelle is mean about him in her diary. I fear that I have had to take a couple of leaps in my plot this year, because I can only tell things that I can find a proper picture for.
      I hope you have a lovely day, too!

  4. Of course, the potato! It’s always the potato.

    Potatoes is such a funny made-up word.

  5. Hi, I exist… but you know that already. What a wonderful approach for the A to Z – I will start at the beginning in a week or two’s time!

    • Hello Jemima! I do, indeed, know you exist– in fact, I get updates from your site in my inbox, and have done since, I think, my first A to Z, in 2014. 🙂 I plan to play a lot of catch-up in the next couple of weeks, too; do leave comments if you feel like it, as I will keep checking for ’em.

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