K is for Kingsley — A One-Shot

Welcome to Stranded!, my Strand Magazine-based April A to Z Blogging Challenge!  In this challenge, I will be taking illustrations from The Strand Magazine and making new stories out of them.  Today, I have a four-panel one-shot for you (well, there are five panels, but to see the fifth, you have to go to my home-page and look at the post excerpt– it is a sort of frontispiece), all taken from the same story, in The Strand Magazine, No. 6.  I tried to use as many illustrations from the story as possible, but in the end I didn’t use them all.  Anyway, here it is!

And that’s all for today, folks!  Thanks for visiting; stay as long as you like!  There is a LOT of content on this blaugh, and (in my totally-not-humble opinion) most of it is Very Good.  May I particularly recommend my older A To Zs?  If you click on the header, it will whisk you away to my homepage, and there, you ought to find links to my Thrilling A To Zs of Aprils Past.  One of them  (Alas! My 2015 A To Z) is a Complete Edwardian Mystery Novella, with costumes!  As in, every day that April, I dressed up as a different character in my story, and included a picture of myself in the Daily Disguise with each post.  I donned False Whiskers and much Theatrical Make-Up to achieve these effects, and I have been told that some of them are really very good.
And please note the list of A To Z Fictioneers in my sidebar (or, if you are on a Mobile Device or a Tablet, it may be somewhere under the Comments Section).  This list, of we few, we happy few, who are Doing Fiction for our A To Zs this year, will help you find more fiction to read.  Also!  If you yourself are Fictioneering for your A to Z this year, Comment and tell me so, and I will put you on the list! 

Oh yes, and please do leave a comment in any case.  Even if it is just “Hey, I exist, and I liked your thing.” 

Until tomorrow, then!





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  1. LOL!!!! That was fantastic!
    I don’t think Kingsley ate the other man. I think he was quite brave to face the interrogation.
    Great story 🙂

    The Old Shelter – 1940s Film Noir

  2. I don’t think he ate the other man, but he does look a lot like Count Dracula in the last picture.

    Finding Eliza

  3. A Flipbook of Infamy…brilliant!

    I can just imagine gendarmes and bobbies of days past, flipping through the pages to reconstruct the scene of the crime.

    • Ha! Yes! I am now vividly picturing this, too. I think in my picture, the flipbook technique is one of the Fancy Tricks of Scotland Yard. I am seeing a local constable watching with incredulous disgust as the Scotland Yard Inspector constructs and uses his flipbook.

  4. I absolutely love these one-shots. They remind me when I was a kid, and we’d turn down the TV and narrate new lines for cheesy movies. Great fun.

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