I is for Inside the Church and Instead of Fleeing

Welcome to Stranded!, my Strand Magazine-based April A to Z Blogging Challenge!  In this challenge, I will be taking illustrations from The Strand Magazine and making new stories out of them.  So, in order to fully appreciate the Stirring Events eventuating here, a look back at my older A TO Z entries is advisable.  I promise you, they are short.  Click Here to start with my Theme Reveal, or Click Here to start with A!  It is also totally acceptable to just look at today’s post.

First, we continue with Annabelle’s narrative!

And now, let’s look in on Alfie, who is still inside That Sinister House.


The first image is from the very first issue of The Strand Magazine; the second image is from No. 37.

And that’s all for today, folks!  Thanks for visiting; stay as long as you like!  There is a LOT of content on this blaugh, and (in my totally-not-humble opinion) most of it is Very Good.  May I particularly recommend my older A To Zs?  If you click on the header, it will whisk you away to my homepage, and there, you ought to find links to my Thrilling A To Zs of Aprils Past.  One of them  (Alas! My 2015 A To Z) is a Complete Edwardian Mystery Novella, with costumes!  As in, every day that April, I dressed up as a different character in my story, and included a picture of myself in the Daily Disguise with each post.  I donned False Whiskers and much Theatrical Make-Up to achieve these effects, and I have been told that some of them are really very good.

And please note the list of A To Z Fictioneers in my sidebar (or, if you are on a Mobile Device or a Tablet, it may be somewhere under the Comments Section).  This list, of we few, we happy few, who are Doing Fiction for our A To Zs this year, will help you find more fiction to read.  Also!  If you yourself are Fictioneering for your A to Z this year, Comment and tell me so, and I will put you on the list! 

Oh yes, and please do leave a comment in any case.  Even if it is just “Hey, I exist, and I liked your thing.” 

Until tomorrow, then!








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  1. Alfie, there seems to be someone watching you. Someone big. Outside the window. How is that possible? Ah well, at least Alfie is well dressed.
    Discarded Darlings – Jean Davis, Speculative Fiction Writer, A to Z: Editing Fiction</

    • Melanie Atherton Allen

      Indeed! It is important to be elegantly dressed on all occasions! Or, to quote P.G. Wodehouse:
      “What do ties matter, Jeeves, at a time like this?”
      “There is no time, sir, at which ties do not matter”
      (by the way, as I don’t have the book by me, I simply Googled “Wodehouse ties quote” to get the text, and Google totally knew what I meant– which is creepy when you think about it, because that search string is pretty vague, and ties are mentioned a lot in Wodehouse. Also, The Internet is less clear on which book it is from, which is a shame, because I don’t remember either. I think Right Ho, Jeeves!, but I am not at all sure)

  2. Like the way you have taken illustrations and explained..I liked the black and white image..very well portrayed

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    *Menaka Bharathi *

  3. Wonder what it was that Annabelle witnessed! Oh no, looks like Alfie has landed in trouble!

    • Melanie Atherton Allen

      Hello fellow Fictioneer! I, too, wonder what Sinister Ritual is being performed in the old church in the dead of night… or, rather, I don’t, because I am writing the thing and therefore know, but… hm… I forget where I was going with that one. Anyway, I certainly agree that Alfie is once again in Bad Trouble. 🙂
      Thanks for stopping by again! I will return the visit anon!

  4. Being well dressed is always a good thing. How could Alfie be properly prepared what whatever lies ahead if he doesn’t have suitable raiment?

    And feel free to add me to the list of A-Z fictioneers, as writing a fantasy story about what not to write. 🙂 I’m glad you’ve made a list; I’ve missed the old linky one this year!

    • Melanie Atherton Allen

      Hello Andrea! And welcome to Atherton’s Magic Vapour! And I shall add you to my list– and please feel free to copy and paste this list onto your own page, too, if you want to, and if that works– or to make your own list– or to do anything you like, really!

  5. Well, these are two very creepy images… especially the second one.
    Though I’m not sure Alfie is adequately impressed by the appearance 😉

    The Old Shelter – 1940s Film Noir

  6. I have to say, if I saw a giant eyeball outside my window, I’m pretty sure I’d make a run for it. That Alfie’s got moxy.

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