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SurveyI am a nosy person.  Sometimes, I have Questions I would like to place before the Public, in the hope of receiving Answers.  I have just realized that, since I now have a Blog, I now also have a Vehicle for my Curiosity.  So, I intend to do that very thing.  Here is the first question; please answer in the Comments section.

My Question:

Think of a loved book that you haven’t read in the last three years.  Tell me what you remember about that book.  Be as specific as you can stand.  Mention your favorite part, or whatever it was that made you love the book.  If there are serious spoilers in your summary, please place some appropriate warning at the top of your comment.

My Reason For Asking:

I don’t have a terribly good memory for text, I think.  I’ll remember that I loved a particular book, and I’ll think that I remember exactly why… and then I go back and look for the passage or incident that I remember so very vividly… and it quite frequently does not exist.  I mean, it kind of does, but it usually isn’t at all the way that I remember it.  My boyfriend, on the other hand, has a creepily accurate memory for text.  He can not only recall the plot of a book he hasn’t read for a decade, he can quite frequently quote from it as well.  He is, I suspect, a Book-Remembering Wizard.  Anyway, I am curious about how accurate the book-memories of other people are. 

I am also curious about what makes a book memorable, and what makes a book loved.

I am also really, really nosy.

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    It’s the same with me and my partner. I can remember vague generalities, occasionally filled in with my own hopes and desires for the characters. My girlfriend, on the other hand, seems to be able to remember text word for word. It’s frustrating and awe inspiring at the same time.

    To answer your question (and supposing that books read multiple times don’t count) I guess I’ll go with Neil Gaiman’s “Anansi Boys” since I love that book. Unsurprisingly, though I remember loving it, I don’t remember many particulars about it. Parenthesis indicate my doubt of my own recollection:

    It’s about a seemingly normal guy whose (estranged?) dad dies and then his crazy, wild (brother?) appears and things get really weird from there. And spiders. And it turns out that


    his dad was (is?) a god, and his brother was actually the reckless magical parts of himself that were snapped out of him by an (ornery witch who was tired of his mischief?).


    So yeah, I don’t remember many details. I loved it though. It’s one of my favorite books because… spiders. And. Stuff. I can’t even remember my favorite part. Probably when Spider gets beat up? ’cause it’s always nice to know that a character isn’t completely invincible?

    … My memory is terrible.

  2. Melanie Atherton Allen

    Thank you NJ Magas!!! Your summary is about as specific as mine would probably be, AND you made it hilarious!

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