Polly’s Police-Proof Poison Pens

You Want To Tell Them.  You Want To Tell Them ALL.  They Think You Don’t Know, But You Do!  You WILL Show Them. 

But How To Do It Without Being Caught?

Why, Use A Polly’s Police-Proof Poison Pen, of course! 

Polly’s Pens are each lovingly hand-haunted by Spiritualistic Mediums.  Each pen is a living thing – and as unique as the unpleasant sentiments you wish to send through the post to those “as think they are so superior.” 

And each pen will write in the hand of its particular Ghostly Visitant.  No more being found out through handwriting analysis for you! 

And with our Deluxe Edition, the pen will even transform your words into something really fine, something with a touch of class.  Why, one of our customers reports (anonymously, of course!) that she swears her pen is haunted by Mr. Alexander Pope himself!  “It’s like what I want to say, only poetic-like – I feel proud to send ’em, I really do!  And the moral tone of the village has improved, as everyone is scared and suspicious,” writes this Satisfied Customer.

If your pen should chance to be haunted by an Illiterate Ghost, send it back for  a Re-Haunting or Refund!

Polly’s Police-Proof Poison Pens

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  1. What an ingenious invention! A haunted pen. One could have some fun with that.

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